This Dude Claims Maaco Bodyshop Painted His Damn Seats

(Photo Credits: superspeedersRob/YouTube)
(Photo Credits: superspeedersRob/YouTube)

Maaco, “America’s Bodyshop,” is one of the cheapest places to get a car painted. It’s also notorious for invoking the adage “you get what you pay for.” But overspray on a car’s seats? That’s got to be a new bar for bad work.

Car-collecting YouTuber Rob Ferretti is apparently giving this E36 BMW M3 away, at least I hope it’s an M3, or this graphics job is even more offensive than it appears.


Anyway, he seems to have been aware of Maaco’s somewhat dubious reputation when he forked over $1,800 to have the car painted white. But he adds, understandably; “I didn’t even have it in my mind that the interior was in jeopardy of getting painted.”

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But in jeopardy it was, man! Big time. There’s paint mist and weird streaks all over an otherwise-decent set of E36 black leather seats now. Like, seriously guys? What the hell?

I’m going to go ahead and guess that somebody went to spray the door jambs and either didn’t realize or didn’t care that their paint gun was going to encroach into the interior. Which sucks because, how are you supposed to clean that?

Ferretti has declined to mention which Maaco location did this to his poor car, which is a shame because we’d all do well to stay away. Maaco shops are franchises so each one is pretty much owned and operated by a different person, and you can have a dramatically different experience depending on where you go.

For example, more than a decade ago my father had his faded-blue Fiat Spider sprayed black by a Maaco in Massachusetts and they actually did a very good job. The paint’s still perfectly presentable today.


But you’ve got to be careful who you leave your car with, folks. Check those Yelp! reviews, I guess?

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I like that he coordinates the excessive stickers on his car with excessive stickers on his shirt.