This Dodge Viper Movie May Be The Most Over-Dramatic Thing On YouTube

The Enthusiast Network, owner of noted magazine Motor Trend shot a 22 minute image movie about the Viper for Dodge that happens to be sensuously overdramatic... and a world class example... of hyperbole... that... could take on the best in the world.


It starts off with the Stig's evil dark cousin playing around with the fifth-gen Viper in the desert, but once the car suddenly turns into a flaming snake, you can't help but wonder when Paul W. S. Anderson will show up with a cease-and-desist letter.

As it turns out, the Viper is not only a premium world class supercar, but also a true mid-engined supercar with passion in its DNA. At least, that's what they say, while in a true mid-engined supercar, the engine is truly behind you. But I might think that because the siren's call is not for me.

Luckily for those who are keen enough to recognize its call, the road will never be the same because the Dodge Viper was created like no other car in the world. It even commands more power than any previous generation, unlike all the other cars in the world today. No wonder. That's what happens when you have passion.

When surgical precision and an artist's eye are combined to create a component masterpiece, the final product can be nothing less than a precision hand crafted machine. The fifth-gen Viper is only one of the few custom-built vehicles on the planet. It's basically like a bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom, only with world class precision thanks to Team Viper. Even if some members of Team Viper seem to be asleep at work sometimes while pushing it to the redline.

I guess if you did that every single day, you'd get bored too.

As expert handcrafters and the carbon fiber craftsmen create one of the fastest street legal cars in the world, a supercar is born in small batches with a human touch to give you dynamic stability.


Its irresistible, seductive body is filled with a sensuously sculpted interior hand-wrapped in the finest leather available in five hand-selected hides with no shortcuts. While you enjoy all that, the fifth-gen Viper's strategically conceived unique carbon fiber panels aggressively manipulate airflow to cool its 8.4 liter world-beater.

One look, and its unearthly power will stimulate your race car driver soul, because we all share the same passion.


Don't believe me? Watch it yourself! It's wickedly beautiful and also full of words.

Now, here's the thing. I love the Viper and have all the respect for its team at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant. I also feel bad for them for failing to reposition the car properly while the C7 got all the hype. And then, the Z06 happened. It's a tough game.


Telling the Viper's story is one way to improve sales, but Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis is totally delusional if he believes "the Viper is the only handmade supercar in the industry".


It's not, and no matter how much horse shit they can present using a big production team, dubstep and an actor with a deep, rich, warm and friendly voice, this will get them nowhere.


Mike Fresh, Toomp and Hop