This Dinner Table Proves That People Will Drag Race Anything

Let's be honest, when it takes ten minutes just to get a lousy milkshake in the drive-thru, McDonald's isn't fast food. This is. Behold! The racing dinner table.

I'm starting to fall in love with the exhibition racers that show up to drag races. They're not part of the competition per se, but who needs to adhere to a rule book with set guidelines for a build when you can make crazy things like rocket karts and dining room sets with the Stig's head as a centerpiece?


It's the same reason I love LeMons' Class C, the home of oddball and unexpected low-buck endurance racers: "You took what on a race track?" This is how you impress a person who's seen it all: go race the unraceable.

Like furniture. Race more furniture.

I eagerly await the other parts of the house becoming mobile. We've had drivable couches before, so it's time for some moving car beds and maybe a bookshelf set up to do doughnuts.


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