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The timeless, Twinky-esque beauty of a classic Airstream trailer is even sweeter with a US Men's World Cup Team wrap job.

This 1967 Airstream was done up by Cruising Kitchens; an outfit that claims to be the "leading Food Truck, Kitchen Truck, Food Trailer, Kitchen Trailer builder in the nation." And obviously, they're pretty jacked up about Soccer. Or "kick-ball," or whatever you nerds call it.

It was originally meant to be decked out for the Houston Texans but since American football season is over and "football" season is on, Cruising Kitchens decided to tweak the livery to be a little more timely. Here's a tour of the trailer in Texans guise:

Toys include:

  • 60" Flat Screen HD TV
  • 32" Fat Screen HD TV
  • Custom Vinyl Upholstery
  • Hidden Liquor Cabinet
  • Small Bar with hand wash sink
  • (2) Small undercounter refrigerators
  • (1) Kegerator
  • Special Interior Lighting
  • 3M Exterior Wrap and Clear Gloss Laminate
  • Stereo Sound Bar with Subwoofer

...and now, a lovely portrait of the US Men's Team so you can keep basking in their glory when the game cuts to a commercial. I'd guess they threw some black-and-white over that American football table inside too.



The trailer is up on eBay right now for $70,000... if you're in San Antonio and can come up with the cash you might be able to pick it up before the USA/Belgium game!

Hat tip to Joshua!