I'll give you a pass if you don't immediately remember the Suzuki X-90, the petite mini-SUV that replaced the beloved Suzuki Samurai but only stuck around for two production years. I guarantee you won't forget this one, however, because it has some serious American muscle under its hood.

Up for grabs on Charlottesville Craigslist is this 1997 X-90 that has a Chevy 355 small-block V8 under its hood. It's got a load of other goodies too, including a 650 Edelbrock carburetor, new headers, a Flowmaster exhaust (because of course it does) and a new tranny with new wheels and tires. The seller says it only has 200 miles on it since the build was finished. Wonder why he's giving it up?

At any rate, this seller is asking for $6,500 or some kind of trade. I like it because it's one of the more absurd engine swaps I've seen in a while, even though it probably is a violent rollover waiting to happen. Oh well. Shit happens, right?

What do we think, Jalops? Nice price or crack pipe on this Japanese-American micro-brute?



Hat tip to Walker!