This crazy girl tattooed a ten-inch Chevy logo on her back for a free ride to SxSW

Meet Jessica Murray. Jessica's the Community Manager for Social Media Club Global, a non-profit organization for social media professionals. Jessica attended Boston's Simmons College. Jessica just tattooed a ten-inch Chevy logo on her back for a free ride to SxSW.


As part of some ridiculous Chevy challenge, where ten teams get to drive a "beautiful" white Chevy Traverse to South-by-SouthWest, a festival once home to the best minds of the interactive, music and film worlds, and that is now a sponsored social media circle jerk, and along the way compete in just-as-ridiculous "challenges" for an unknown prize.

Jessica, for some unknown reason, decided that for one of the first challenges — to "make a collage of a single stop covering all five senses" — she would complete it by getting a tattoo of a ten-inch Chevrolet bowtie logo across her back.

I've heard of people — both men and women — offering up their bodies as payment to lonely truckers for hitching a ride, but never have I heard of someone offering up their bodies to an automaker for a similar outcome.


Wait, it gets better.

"The most exciting part of this entire thing, is right after I arrived and he put the template on my back, the power went out because of a wicked thunderstorm that rolled through Western Tennessee and Southeast Missouri, yikes!"


Jessica getting inked.

Not only did Jessica get a permanent inking of a giant car logo on her back, but it was done in the dark by lighter-light. But, even with the lights out, Jessica was unworried.

"Thomas was confident with his years of experience it didn't deter him from continuing with the tattoo and pulling off a sick Chevy logo smack in the middle of my upper back. I can't wait to rock this to the gym & meet all the Chevrolet fanboys."


Trust us when we say that the "Chevrolet fanboys" likely won't be at the gym. Given the current buyer demographic, they're likely overweight, middle-aged and married. But, you know, we all have our dreams, right?

But, no matter how screwed up it might seem to get a giant Chevy bowtie on your back and looking for all the world like you were branded by the world's largest Camaro, we salute you, Jessica, for showing how far you're willing to go to be taken for a free ride.

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