This Crash May Have Cost Iveco The 2014 Dakar

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This crash is why Andrey Karginov and Kamaz were awarded a time credit.

MINI driver Zhou Yong of China had a vehicle-crippling crash about 90 kilometers in and while De Rooy's Iveco was able to skirt around, it seems the road was totally blocked by the time the Russians came through.


The ASO (Dakar organizers) decided Kamaz was unfairly hindered by the incident, and awarded Karginov 5 minutes twenty seconds in recoup time.


Now that I've seen it for myself, I'm conflicted about the ruling. Part of me feels like unexpected obstacles are part of the Dakar, and Kamaz should own their performance in spite of the setback. Then again, losing a race because you stop for a crashed car feels pretty weak too.

What do you think?

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@ Andrew P Collins.....

Hypothetical and not related to this incident.

Guy in a truck is upside and on fire...You stop and help and lose the rally. Part of the game? Or would you keep going and leave him?

What Dakar spirit are you preaching?