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This Corvette, Camaro, pickup mashup will blow your mind

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Whatever the provenance of this vehicle, spotted outside a Texas bowling alley, we can't help but tip our hats to the audacity of it. Someone is either drinking Drano on a regular basis, or has licked one too many tree frogs.

Let's break it down. Camaro front clip, Corvette rear clip, random pickup-truck torso, two-tired spoiler at the rear (plus roof spoiler), ersatz land-speeder bodywork. The sweat, imagination and delirium invested in this homebuilt General Motors hat trick is staggering. It's the-raving-on-a-streetcorner-about-CIA-brain-implants, kicking-a-unicorn-in-the-taint of custom cars.


Someone either took a joke or dare properly over the top, or is so batshit crazy that there's no sense in criticizing his taste. Either way, I'd much rather live in a world where cars like this randomly stalk late-night bowling alleys, instead of everyone going home at six to eat Hamburger Helper, play Wii and watch Mike & Molly.