This Conjoined Pontiac Frankencar Is Actually Three Cars In One

What's better than two Pontiac Grand-Ams? I know, I know, you're having a hard time thinking of something. Well how about this: Two Pontiacs that have been melded into one BUT you can still drive them separately. My brain has now exploded.

The car was created by the father/son team of Eric and Galen Unruh out in Wichita, Kansas. What they did was combine the style of the 1994 Pontiac Grand-Am front end with the sophistication of the 2000 Pontiac Grand-Am front end to create this, the twin car.


Ok, we've seen stuff like this before. No biggie, right? But this one is different. You can separate the two cars and drive them individually thanks to a small wheel at the back of each.

I'm sure they don't handle all that well, but this is some very cool engineering.

It's for sale. It's $2,200. Go buy it. TWO CARS FOR $2,200 THAT TAKE UP THE SPACE OF ONE.


Sorry, caps lock is broken.


(Hat Tip to Eric!)

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