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This Company Wants To Give You $5,000 For Driving Off-Road

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Jeep parts manufacturer Omix-ADA is writing grants for organizations that "helping to advance the off-road hobby" through its Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program. Get your shit together and come up with idea for making America a better place to off-road, and they'll give you five grand to get it done!


The Rugged Ridge Trail Program was kicked off at the 2013 SEMA show, designed to keep off-road trails open, educate the public on recreational vehicles, settle disputes, and contribute to "any other activity advocating the conservation of public land and access to recreational trails."


Since formation, the Progam has paid out to the "Blue Ribbon Coalition, Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition, Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs, Friends of Uwharrie, New Mexico Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance, the Off-Road Business Association, Stay the Trail, and Del Albright's Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Course, among others."

Omix-ADA's director of marketing says "Ultimately, our goal is to support the people and organizations working to protect access to public land and recreational trails across the country – improving education about the off-road hobby and matters of conservation – so our open spaces remain that way for generations of off-roaders to enjoy for years to come." And of course if off-road trails stay open, Omix-ADA will be able to keep selling off-road parts.

For now, only organizations registered as 501(C) non-profits can apply... but if you and your off-road buddies can't get set up as one yourself, there might be one local to you that could improve the wheeling scene in your area.

Check out the official application here and spread the word! Off-road recreation in America needs all the help it can get so it doesn't disappear before I can afford to finish building my truck.


Image via Thibault Le Mer/Flickr

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Maybe I could buy some land rights for major evens gulch. Drive to 12,000 feet less than an hour away from a major city? yes please.