This Chevy Equinox's Coolest Feature Is An In-Car Snow Storm

The great philosopher known as Andre 3000 once brought up an important and salient point of modern life – that which is cooler than being cool, is known as "ice cold." The air conditioning unit in this Chevy Equinox clearly agreed, because it started spitting flakes of the frozen stuff.


Reddit user Lobsterbib first posted this video of his girlfriend's car on the r/videos subreddit, which practically begged for an explanation. User coronado22 stepped in and explained that it's basically just running out of freon:

The snow is the result of the evaporator coil that acts as the heat exchanger to condition the air becoming too cold so the humidity is freezing and flaking off. The reason that the evaporator coil is becoming too cold is due to the fact that the system is low on refrigerant, most likely due to a leak in te system. Air conditioning is based on pressure-temperature relationship. When the closed system of refrigerant is low, it actually works "really well" until it gets too low on gas and starts freezing up the evaporator and condenser coils. The buildup if ice acts as an excellent insulator and renders the system useless as the coils that are meant to remove and dissipate heat are covered in insulating ice which prevents heat transfer. Source—growing up working for my grandfather's comercial refrigeration business an a studying engineering in undergrad.


So there you have it, kids. If you want to fix global warming, make sure the atmosphere gets a little too low on freon. Sounds like some pretty exact science. It's too bad we didn't think of this before.

Now all that needs to happen is someone needs to starve a Pontiac of freon.

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pretty cool feature.