If 1970s car culture had a face, it would be the Jensen Interceptor. It was the quintessential car for the mustachioed, bell-bottomed man looking for fun in all the wrong places. Recently, the prices for these iconic cruisers have skyrocketed, except for this '74 Series III, which does need work, but it'll be so worth it when and if it gets done.

This 1974 Jensen Interceptor Series III back it its day, was sort of forgettable. Sure, it had a 7.2 liter V8, but it produced an appalling 280 horsepower, neutered by emissions standards. It was only after the car reached classic status that it became a cultural icon and desirable in the market. This means that good condition Interceptors can currently fetch between $40,000 and $60,000. This one isn't one of those, as it was sadly in a garage fire. But fortunately, it looks as if it only suffered cosmetic damage and would only need paint and body work, a new windshield, and perhaps a tuneup and some key mechanical parts to get into shape.

There's another black mark on the record of this classic: It can't be registered in California due to the nature of the salvage title. I'm sure the rest of the Union is more lenient, but it is a concern for anyone looking to have this car on the road once again. Here's an excerpt from the description:

Selling a 1974 Jensen Interceptor that has been in a garage fire. This is a great project for restoration or parts. There are no rust holes, this is a California vehicle. Please see photos. California non-repairable title. Some states take such titles, some don't, please check with your DMV


Would I buy this car? If I had the space, absolutely. It's worth in parts more than the current asking price, and it looks to be restorable without a five figure repair bill. I'm not sure if it would retain its value after being in a fire, but it's certainly a great, cheap cruiser that you can be proud of when all relevant work is completed. Get it and get your knuckles dirty. It's what the car would've wanted.

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