This Cat Rode 15 Miles In An Engine Bay And Lived

When Harrisburg, Pa. resident Damon Walton tried to start his Volkswagen Jetta for his daily drive to work the other day, he wondered why the car was running so rough. It turns out that there was a cat somewhere inside the front of his car. So he kicked the side of the car and assumed the cat ran away.

Only it hadn't. Somehow, the curious feline had gotten itself pinned beneath his car's alternator, and made the 15 mile trek to Walton's job in the Jetta's engine compartment. When he got out of the car, Walton said he heard meowing, and decided he should actually crack open the hood and take a look. Some firefighters came and did a little roadside wrenching, getting the cat out by removing a few parts.


Aside from a burn, ear damage, and three missing toes, the cat — which has been named "Turbo" — is no worse for the wear. If anyone wants a grizzled tom who looks like like one of those badass alley fight cats, Turbo is up for adoption. Anyone interested in a gearhead cat? (Hat tip to Jayhawkjake!)

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