This Car Wash Just Set A Video Of Its Destruction To Its Own Jingle

When a customer confuses the gas for the brake, allowing them to drive completely straight through your beautiful, expensive car wash, leaving a path of wanton destruction in their wake, you'd expect the proprietors to be upset. Not at the Quick Quack Car Wash. They took the video, set it to music, and perfection was born.

The Quick Quack (QUICK QUACK!) was so proud of the mess that ensued, in fact, that they included this helpful note about what happened:

**No part of this video was sped up.**

Fortunately no one was seriously injured when a customer stepped on the gas instead of the brake and flew through the car wash at high speed. Notice the other customer leaving the vacuum area just seconds before this one crashes. We are proud of our staff for their professionalism and amazing responses. We were back up and running in just a couple of days!


But I'm not sure their description does it justice. Not at all. Below, I've decided to print my own description of what happened, including the music.


A car wash. Specifically, the old Quick Quack.


(In order of appearance)

  • A dirty white Oldsmobile.
  • Hapless attendant gentleman
  • Desperate attendant gentlelady
  • The old Quick Quack
  • The maroon near-victim
  • A wall


(Primarily made up of song lyrics, but also some things that happened):

I'm goin' ta Quick Quack Car Wash git my car wash make it quick QUACK make it pretty shiny sexy just because I wanna don't drive dirty wanna git mah car suds at the Quick QUACK Car WASH (no, oh god, please don't let it go through the car wash!) is the quick QUACK quickest and the cleanest (smile, smile, smile OH GOD NO) by far we're talkin' three skinny minutes sittin' right in your car watchin' a hundr'd plus feet of brushes brushin' by far at the Quick Quack (CRASH! BANG! FLOOP!) Car Wash any hundr'd miles of Ford or Chevy Saab or Cad'lack Quick Quack'll spruce it up,just like that you'll be happy lookin' snappy you'd be glad you was at the Quick QUAAAAACK car wash getonthewebandgoto don't drive dirty dot com and see where ya got yer closest Quick QUACK (QUACK!) intheSacramentah area get in yer car get in yer truck git on the road and come visit the DUCK at the... (adcopyadcopyadcopyadcopyadcopyadcopy)



Quick Quack.


It's a masterpiece in video advertising.

UPDATE: It was a 94-year-old man. Everybody say it with me now:

Quelle surprise.


My grandpa just owned up to it at his bingo game last night. He said it was under 40 degrees out and his brakes hadn't warmed up yet. He also suspects the guy at the Jiffy Lube was using an analog tire gauge and that there was a 1.5 PSI difference between the tires, hence the clear pulling to the right.