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UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, at a rally reigniting his campaign, when a Volkswagen Golf crashed loudly into a nearby bus shelter. Photographers rushed over to take pictures of the obvious metaphor.


Witnesses blamed a garbage truck for clipping the Golf first, but the British press seems focused on how hilarious it is. From The Independent:

The driver escaped uninjured, but Mr Brown's latest effort to salvage Labour's campaign for a fourth consecutive term bore more than a passing resemblance to Mr Rashid's green hatchback, impaled on a bus-stop.

The chaotic events come after the Prime Minister's disastrous comments about Rochdale pensioner Gillian Duffy on Wednesday, when he was overheard calling her "bigoted."

Asked later whether the car crash was a metaphor for the Labour campaign, Lord Mandelson answered: "No."

Witnesses said the Golf was clipped by a refuse truck whose occupants had been jeering at Labour from Hockley Circus, which they and Mr Rashid had been rounding as the accident occurred.


[The Independent]

Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchel/Getty Images

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