This bride built herself a Porsche from an old VW for her wedding

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For her wedding day, British bride Megan Ashton wanted to arrive in a Porsche 356. Unable to afford one, she did something better — she spent six years hand-building this replica from a thrashed Volkswagen Beetle donor car.

After buying the '69 Beetle for about $300, Ashton spent the next six years stripping it to its chassis, installing a new engine, attaching Porsche body panels and fabricating an interior to match an original Porsche. Only the bottom chassis and wheels remain from the original Beetle.

The transformation cost an additional $6,300 — but the car is probably worth far more than that even as a replica.


Ladies, if you want to make an impression at your wedding, this is the best way to run the gamut on something old, new, borrowed and blue.

Hat tip to Stoatmaster!

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