This 'Best Of 2015' GoPro Supercut Is An Overload Of Extreme

Thousands of hours of footage were recorded on GoPros this year. Most of that was tedious documentation of your kid’s bunny slope ski runs and closes up of your ugly mug mouthing “is this thing on?” But then there were a few clips that remind us, hey, human beings can pull of some pretty insane stunts.

Skiing, dirt biking, car racing, water sliding, just about everything you can do to the max(, bro) made it into GoPro’s five-minute supercut that will either inspire you to get off your butt and learn a sport or just make you realize what a useless blob you are.

Kidding, of course you’ve still got time to master your extreme skill of choice. Take those vacation days and buy some gear, already! But maybe don’t bother GoPro-ing it until you get some practice.

Happy new year!


Images/video via GoPro

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That was awesome, sincerely.

Now where’s the “I biffed it” cut?