This Berkeley's Not From the East Bay

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Who knew that man-made element Berkelium, with its atomic number of 97, would be instrumental in the creation of this lightweight (800-lb!) machine? Okay, we're lying. It's a 1959 Berkeley , with a fiberglass monocoque chassis and a Royal Enfield 692cc parallel-twin mill punching out 50 British thoroughbreds. Interesting facts? At the time they went into building race cars, Berkeley was England's leading caravan manufacturer, the engine spins to 7,000 RPM, and we're betting it's a hoot — if not somewhat frightening to drive. Chain-drive FWD? Why the hell not?


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OMG! I haven't seen one of these in YEARS! My best friend from high school's dad had 2 of them. They had the Sunbeam 350cc 2-stroke motor if I recall, but it's hard to say since I remember seeing it run only one one time. Mainly, it was fun to try to carry it around their backyard.