This Badass Jeep Pickup Has A 465 HP V8

This Badass Jeep Pickup Has A 465 HP V8

The same Michigan company that brought us the flame-throwing Ram pickup and the machine gun topped Jeep Wrangler have been busy.

They've been offering JK8 Wrangler-to-pickup conversion kits for a couple of year, but upped the ante with a new 392 cubic inch Hemi V8 conversion kit.


Introduced at SEMA this week, VWerks' Steel Bender Jeep was packed with goodies that Jeep owners can get for their own rigs, including the pickup conversion and the massive V8 conversion, as well as suspension and winch upgrades that will make any Jeep just the thing you need for the next Snor'eastercane or zombie attack.

I still have pleasant memories of hooning VWerks 5.7-liter Hemi-equipped Recon wrangler through the Utah desert, so I can't wait to try one that's lighter and more powerful.

Photo credit: VWerks

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