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With ever tightening restrictions on emissions, supercar makers have been forced to get creative to adhere to the restrictions. But does a vehicle with no engine actually count?


Instead of adding a bunch of turbocharged powerplants, Aston Martin added a small car based on the Toyota iQ. Dubbed the Cygnet, it's basically a dinghy for your DB9.

Now, Aston Martin has made a dinghy for the Cygnet... if that's possible. Aston partnered with Foster Bikes to build the One-77 Bicycle. Yes, it shares a name with theultra rare car.

Only 77 of the bikes will be built. It has bespoke trim like a hand stitched trim on the saddle and handlebars. There is also a built in computer that can tell you just how much power your left leg is producing.


As with anything that wears the Aston Martin badge, this isn't close to cheap. The bike, which is dubbed "a training aid for the serious athlete" has a starting price of $39,000. That's a lot for something that you have to power yourself.

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