This Animated History Of The Van Is Absolutely Delightful

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The van is perhaps the greatest unsung hero of the automotive world. Few vehicles are better for hauling families than vans, but no one wants to drive them. A good van can do almost everything a pickup truck can, but with far less macho flash. It's time we give the van its due!

That's the goal of this wonderful ad from Mercedes-Benz, which salutes the colorful history of vans and highlights the important role they play in our lives. Hell, some of us wouldn't even be here, had our parents not made sweet, sweet whoopee in the back of a van.


The ad also comes from a good place, ex-Jalopnik editor Ray Wert's ad shop Tiny Toy Car, which helps explain why it's so fun.

So the next time you see a van out there on the road, say thank you. Give it a hug. Then dance on its roof like you're Gottlieb Daimler or Karl Benz. Its owner will understand.

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I don't get the van-hate around here. I mean they're basically just very boxy crossovers. [/sarcasm]