This Amazing Vintage Car Photo Database Is Our Fappening

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I can't overstate the magnitude of what Stanford has just unleashed. The university's Revs program has put out the most comprehensive image library of cars, racing, and the culture surrounding it in existence. There are nearly 200,000 images covering every marque, race, auto show, and everything in between over the last 100+ years. Your evening – no, your month – is officially wasted.

The Revs Digital Library is currently hosting 187,000 images, which you can sort and filter by year, marque, model, collection, venue, track, event, even photographer.


New images are processed and uploaded regularly, so there's even an "added recently" section, along with the ability to create your own custom galleries for your late-night prurient interests.

It's part database, part historical resource, and pure, unadulterated car porn. And you can share it all, so start digging and show us the best of what's in there.