This amazing video shows why you don't text and drive

I'll admit it. I have texted while driving. I know, it's stupid and I should know better. I don't do it anymore. And this video of a teen texting while driving shows precisely why.


Also, don't take videos while driving. That's pretty stupid too. Even if you happen to catch video like this or a 2x4 coming right at your windshield.

Hat tip to wesride!


Most people arent capable of operating a proper vehicle in a straight line. (Manual transmission)

The person in this video is how I drive when I'm over tired as my brain pretty much just shuts off when I'm ready for sleep. I cant force myself to stay awake to drive.

I can honestly say, having the QWERTY keyboard memorized with predictive texting correcting minor errors, I can text just fine, only glancing "down" (holding my phone up in front of my gauges so I still have excellent peripheral view of the road) to make sure everything is right or to read a message.

I know that will piss many of you off. All I can say is if you dont have the skill to do it, dont. I do, I dont swerve, I dont blow through lights ect ect. To me it is no more complicated than changing the radio station or glancing down to see what station I'm on, looking at the time/temp display on the dash or reading a billboard. My father on the otherhand would suffer a fate worse than the person in this video. He can barely operate a keyboard on a real computer. Therefor he does not text and drive.

Bottom line, dont make texting/driving illegal. Number one, its nearly impossible to enforce, especially with many many phones today having GPS navigation which is NOT illegal to use while driving. We need to just encourage people to know their limits and be smart else Darwin will have the last laugh. I dont need the government to protect me from myself.