This Aircraft Carrier Is The World's Most Expensive Parking Lot

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What you're looking at is the deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan covered in the vehicles of Navy Sailors heading to Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, Washington. At a cost of about $4.5 billion this is probably the world's most expensive parking lot.

It may seem phenomenal, but this is actually a common occurrence for the Navy and a lot cheaper and easier than transporting the vehicles almost any other way. The weight of one E-2C Hawkeye is approximately 43,000 pounds, or about 12 cars, and a Nimitz-class carrier usually carries four of those.


But more to the point, this does save the U.S. Navy money. First, the only other way to get vehicles owned by Navy sailors to their final destinations is to put them in another ship. Second, if they didn't send soldiers' vehicles they'd have to pay for transportation at the final destination. Both of which would absolutely cost more money.

The U.S.S. Ronald recently served in Asia and was en route to Kitsap for upgrades and repairs.

(Hat tip to SenorDuckLives!)

Photo Credit: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Robert Winn, US Navy/Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Shawn J. Stewart

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87CE 95PV Type Я

That 1972-1991 Chevrolet Suburban is the most interesting vehicle there since the Chevy Express/GMC Savanna nor the numerous Bro Trucks are that interesting. So, what is that Gold and Black vehicle at the bottom of the left photograph?

How do they keep these vehicles from moving about, are they tied down or do they just have their handbrake on? I do not see any wheel chocks either. I am not sure how many of these vehicles have Drum Brakes, but it would not surprise me to learn that peoples' Drum Brakes rusted on since my vehicle has Drums and when I park on grass for days on end they rust on which is annoying and why I use Wheel Chocks instead.

Not going to lie, it would be neat to park my vehicle on the deck of one of these aircraft carriers. I do wonder though, why name them after presidents and not something else?