I maintain the philosophy that any car is better when it’s made to go off-roading, whether that’s rallying or something more... extreme. This 4x4-converted 1972 Dodge Challenger for sale on Craigslist is definitely the latter, and it clearly validates my argument.


You could spend about $28,000 on a brand new lame-ass V6 Dodge Challenger, or you can spend that money on a beast that is clearly the best tool for the impending apocalypse.

Listen, there will be racing after the world ends. You need to be prepared.

Here are some of the highlights from the Craigslist ad:

I have a 1972 Dodge Challenger 4x4 that is extremely well built. It sits welded on a 1977 M1009 military frame and chassis and is powered by a 5.7l with longtube headers and fully custom Flowmaster dual exhaust as well as all brand new accessories on top of the engine; new four barrel Quick Fuel carburetor, new highrise intake manifold, new HEI distributor, new radiator, new alternator, new aftermarket Holley fuel pump, new plugs/wires, new air cleaner/filter.

The car drives incredibly well ON the road for short trips, and even road trips; I purchased it in Las Vegas and drove it home to the Bay Area, and does even better OFF the road, (here’s a link to it in action at Hollister Hills SVRA; ). It has over $45,000 put into building this car with all documented receipts. The vehicle has only 3,400 miles on it since rebuild.

Asking price is $28,000; but I’m willing to work with someone who has an honest interest....

PRICE LOWERED to try and sell FAST because my father has recently become ill with his health and finances and I told him I’d sell my car to help pay for some of the expenses; I can replace a car, I can’t replace family.


One of you maniacs should give this wonderful creation a good home.

Just look at this thing go!

(Via Carscoops!)

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