This 2JZ-Powered Ford Mustang Is Just Clean as Hell

Screenshot: The Smoking Tire (YouTube)

With a radical Toyota 2JZ engine swap and an understated look, this might be the first fourth-generation SN95 Ford Mustang that’s really turned me on since I was logging hours crashing a Cobra R into cops in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. What a categorically cool build.

This era of the Mustang doesn’t get a lot of love, which makes them cheap, which makes them great candidates for crazy projects. This one probably thought it was doomed when its 5.0-liter V8 blew up, but obviously its owner had more interesting ambitions.


As you may well know, the turbocharged 2JZ is legendary for making huge horsepower with a little tuning. It’s the main reason Supras became synonymous with smoking tires. And unsuspecting Ferraris.

The 2JZ in this Mustang is hooked up to a V160 manual transmission, which also would have been in a MKIV Supra originally.

I know we’re all a little tired of hearing about Supras this week. But this particular car, with its shark-gray body and unassuming presence, was just way too cool not to share. Take a ride with The Smoking Tire’s Zack Klapman and the car’s owner Stephen to get a sense for what the ride and sound is all about.

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