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This 21-Year-Old Built A Rally Car In His Barn And Is Cooler Than You

Alex Kelsey is a 21-year-old New Zealander who wanted his own rally car, but it's not like they just give away those things for free. So he built one. From scratch. In his barn. With a race car engine in the middle. And flames coming out the back. You wish you could be this awesome.


Kelsey, who sheepishly he admits that he's a "kid," sounds like he's got more maturity than most people who ever so much as sneeze near a track. He wanted to rally, so he spent 18 months designing and building his dream race car.

He liked Peugeots, so he used the body work from one.

He liked the engine in a Formula Renault race car, so he threw one in the middle.


But that's about it, as far as outsourced parts go. The chassis, the suspension, even the carbon fiber, was put together by Kelsey.

Kelsey, who says he was "absolutely useless" at school, just did everything you wish you could.

And this is why New Zealand scares me. They keep churning out these automotive engineering prodigies. First Bruce McLaren, now Alex Kelsey.

If you end up buying a Kelsey MC20 supercar in 30 years, do not be surprised.

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