This 2018 Study Reveals The Vehicles That Are Likely To Go Over 200,000 Miles

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The most financially wise way to own a car is to keep it as long as possible. While our friends at Consumer Reports have their predictions as to what models will reach beyond the 200,000-mile mark, a new study from iSeeCars reveals a different list—one that’s dominated by trucks and SUVs.

Unlike the Consumer Reports list that predicts reliability based on previous model years of certain vehicles, some of which have undergone significant changes in both the powertrain and technology department, iSeeCars take a longitudinal study approach to the same question. They examined 13.5 million used cars sold in 2017 from model years 1981 through 2017, and here’s what they found:

In’s analysis of more than 13.5 million cars sold in 2017, the Toyota Sequoia ranks first with 6.6 percent of its cars over 200,000 miles. At least 2.4 percent of all of the models on the top 10 list have over 200,000 miles, which is double the 1.2 percent average for all models.


This list looks surprisingly familiar to last year’s study that put the Ford Expedition on top—that truck is still a good bet along with other large body-on-frame SUVs. Of course, if you don’t need something that massive but need to haul the family or just want a solid sedan, the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Avalon are your high mileage champs.

And here’s how luxury cars stacked up. Again, it’s trucks and SUVs, for the most part:


Suppose you really wanted to get some life out of your vehicle. In that case, iSeeCars also examined the cars and trucks that would make it past the 300,000 mark:


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