This 2015 GMC Sierra Has Better WiFi Than My Office (Nicer Seats Too)

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We all saw GM's Super Bowl ad: "if you had 4G LTE OnStar in your truck you could stream the game!" I shrugged. How good could WiFi be, bottled into a cellphone signal and piped through a pickup truck? Well I'm testing it in a 2015 GMC Sierra right now, and I think I'm ready to make it my new business address.


Based on the first few "internet speed tests" I pulled up on Google, it looks like I have a download speed of around 12 MbPS and an upload speed of 16 MbPS. Pretty sure that's where a lot of homes are at, but based on my own eyeball observations (the only thing I really trust) video is streaming, posts are saving, and tweets are firing off a lot more quickly than they are at my house.

Granted, I live in a hermit cave and connect to the net on a router my grampa set up three years ago, but still... I'm impressed.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of GM's luxury trucks anyway; feng shui is great, seats are phenomenal. With this computer perched on a bag in my lap the office setup in this Sierra Denali is pretty much on par with my arrangement at home... And that's no Wal-Mart folding table; I run a bespoke desk and a Herman Miller Aeron.


So yeah, I'd say I'm suddenly a believer in the value of in-truck WiFi.

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