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Right in the cross section of “cool car” and “drive ’em don’t hide ’em” is this gloriously well-loved 1995 Porsche 911, for sale, while also being on an adventure from Los Angeles to Anchorage and back. Is it possible for a car to be clean and filthy at the same time?

As Chris Nguyen pointed out on Twitter, “This Craigslist ad is four sentences long, has no real information about the car and is very good.”


You can see the ad here as it is indeed very good:

“I’m driving my 6spd manual 993 Porsche from la to Anchorage this week round trip .Would like to sell When I get home on the 22nd. It will have about 215,000 miles on it when I arrive. I spent $3000 on prep for the trip. Zero problems the whole way from Los Angeles.”

Man, how could you sell a car after going through something like that together? I don’t think I could, which is why I have an ever-expanding family of junkers.

The Porsche ad itself is a little confusing, beyond lacking any real history or detailed information about the car, because the seller appears to want to get rid of it in Los Angeles but put the ad up on the Anchorage, AK Craigslist. Either way, $32,000 seems like a pretty good price for a 993 Porsche 911, easily the prettiest body style for the legendary P-car.


Though I guess not everyone will want a 911 that’s been used this much.

Photo: Craigslist

I dropped the seller a note asking if they’d like to share any stories from their adventure with us, because surely it must have been a great one, so we might revisit this car a little more closely at some point.

For now, we’ll have to just enjoy the knowledge that some intrepid enthusiast seems to have successfully driven a 23-year-old air cooled Porsche 911 halfway up the hemisphere and apparently plans to make it back.

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