This 1997 Land Rover Discovery Ad Is Hilariously, Ridiculously Nuts

BOOM! What's that? Oh yeah, it's a completely ridiculous Land Rover Discovery ad! ZOOM! It's here, today, for you to watch, right here, right now. POW! It's got noises, sounds, and it's 100% ghost free. Seriously, this guy's ad for his 1997 Disco is amazing.


Ryen Schlegel's Land Rover has got compartments, it's got a thingy on the back, it's got British style and charm, it's got the marks left over from one someone completely keyed up the door art, it's even got BALLONS. Yes, BALLOONS.

Sure, the asking price is $1,000,000, but he'll take as low as $1,300. That's nearly a $900,000 discount. And that's hard to beat.



Now that is not a bland Rover.

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Loping Camshaft

It's like if Regular Car Reviews did an ad.