This 1992 Cadillac Allanté Could Be A Good Idea Waiting To Happen

Photo: eBay user showdownmotorsinc/eBay
Photo: eBay user showdownmotorsinc/eBay

Feel like starting your Sunday morning off with a really bad, I mean, good decision? How about a 1992 Cadillac Allanté for $9,250?


Billed as a “Pace Car Edition,” Barn Finds notes that the actual Allanté pace car at the 1992 Indianapolis 500 had an integrated roll-bar and was red; it was also a 1993 model, not a 1992. So: no integrated roll-bar on this one, meaning rolling it probably won’t end well. Still, this Allanté does have “OFFICIAL PACE CAR 76TH INDIANAPOLIS 500" in big ol’ lettering on the side, origin somewhat unknown. The color on it could best be described as “‘90s White.”

Aside from some of those cosmetic choices by Cadillac (and whatever artisan’s aftermarket work on the car), the Allanté is in pretty good shape. Around 65,000 miles on the odometer isn’t too much, and also means that some automotive hero out there used this car frequently enough—and long after the 76th Indy 500 faded from memory.


The listing can be found here on eBay. Are you ready to carry the torch and commemorate a race that happened 25 years ago?

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The neeeeewwww Allante!