This 1977 Honda Civic Actually Makes A Perfect Pickup Truck

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We’ve seen plenty of cars turned into trucks sort of “El Camino-style.” Some are prime, most look like they’re held together with spit and luck. But I’ve finally found a favorite because none have ever come out as clean and congruent as this 1977 Honda Civic.


This very car is for sale in one of California’s coastal towns right now, which is of course how we came across it. (That’d be trolling Craigslist all day, not going surfing.) The ad boils hours of planning and meticulous bodywork into two sentences of description: “Very nice conversion. People think it’s factory.”

But dang. Look at how perfectly proportioned it is, how the simplistic 70’ econocar interior fits the light utility vibe. That’s what makes this my favorite car-turned-pickup truck; the whole thing just looks right.


Seller says it’s got a five-speed, front disc brakes, and gets 40 MPG. All the modernity you need, none of the fat you don’t!

Just kidding, maybe you don’t “need” a 2,000 pound payload capacity or a second steering wheel to help you hitch a trailer but you probably want air bags. And crumple zones. And maybe a second rearview mirror.


I’m not saying this could replace your workhorse pickup ...uh, or daily driver... but I’m sure there’s enough room for your weekend Home Depot haul in there! IKEA at least? The grocery store? Whatever you were carrying in that little bed, you could definitely drop a few jaws at your local Cars & Coffee on the way home and I guess that’s really the main point of something like this.


Images via Craigslist

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