Michael Plushnik used to work at a carwash, saw a Cadillac with "gangsta white walls", so he ended up building a rare Corvair Lakewood airbrushed and slammed to the ground. Being a wagon, it also remained a practical family hauler, sort of.

I can't say that I get this whole airbag idea. Sure, lowering a car is great, but scratching the tarmac at every bump feels like overkill to me. Either way, this '61 Corvair is a pretty special car with lots of work done to it, and there's no denying that it's also as stylish as a Corvair can get. The choice is also respectable since Chevy's rear-engined compact was a true underdog in its day, resulting in not many Lakewoods left on the streets by now.

2.4 liters of aircooled joy, 98 horsepower, a big tailgate and sparks behind. Lots of them.

H/T to Drivezines via crankandpiston!