This $10 Million Mercedes-Benz Entourage Makes Fancy Cars Look Weak

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Now that Mercedes-Benz has their own version of the Airbus H145 helicopter and Arrow 460-Granturismo power yacht, that convertible S-Class kind of looks like a puny dinghy.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this little awesomeness-montage is but it sure is fun to watch. Even though that boat is definitely animated. (Right?)


The Airbus Helicopters H145 is a large (eight to 10 passenger) rotorcraft that sees duty around the world as an executive people-mover, law enforcer, rescuer and air taxi.

(Image: Airbus)

It runs two Turbomeca Arriel 2E turbine engines spinning four glass and carbon fiber reinforced blades for lift and propulsion. It can fly at 145 knots and soar it to 13,415 feet above the ground with a maximum range of 356 nautical miles.

The H145 weighs about 4,200 pounds empty and can fly with a total weight of just over 8,000 pounds.


The “Mercedes-Benz Style” version basically just adds a really nice interior.

“The aircraft is proposed in three different harmonies that customers can combine with a real wooden floor or a choice of sophisticated carpets. The interior liners and the new light concept also contribute to the elegant and welcoming interior atmosphere,” says the brochure. The standard spec costs around $8.7 million.


The Mercedes one, well, “if you have to ask...”


Next to that the 46-foot Arrow 460 Granturismo boat looks like a bargain at just $1.7 million. The 960 horsepower cruiser is supposed to be aesthetically inspired by racing cars of the 1930's, but the design is pretty much “big, sleek, sexy.”

It can supposedly carry ten people plus “wine cellar, separate dressing room, bathroom, high-end audio system, extendable tables and beds, ice-making machine and fine grain eucalyptus wood and leather interiors” up to 40 knots, according to Maxim.


And of course, after you arrive in port or helipad, you’re going to need a ride to the restaurant. So why not make it a $130,000 Mercedes-Benz S500 Cabriolet?

This car, called the S550 in the U.S., is quintessential Mercedes as far as I’m concerned. Pure luxury cruiser as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.


Now I can’t get the Entourage theme song out of my head.


Hat tip to Antony!

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