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Third Gear: BMW Recalls 7-Series That Could Go Rolling Away

Reuters also reports that BMW has recalled 47,000 7-series sedans to correct a transmission flaw that could cause a parked vehicle to go rolling away. The problem affects 7-series cars from the 2005 to 2008 model years. The vehicle might not stay in "park" due to a software problem on cars with a keyless entry system. The cars are supposed to shift automatically into "park" when the driver pushes the ignition button to turn off the car. If the driver were to push the button a few times, the car would mistakenly wind up in "neutral" rather than park. And as we know, a car that's in neutral can start drifting away.

BMW says that dealers will start notifying owners in November, but it won't be able to fix the cars until March. This is the same vehicle that BMW recalled last week for another software problem that could keep the cars' doors from locking,