I don't know about you, but when I steal a car, I normally wait for the dark of night to do the deed. These guys basically said "fuck it" and stole it in the middle of the day and were filmed the whole time. That takes balls.


This apparently happened in the Netherlands and the alleged thieves are of Eastern European decent. As you can see, they literally walk up to the car, hop in, yank at the steering column, and voila, free Ferrari 348.

Amazingly, after they get it running, they have time to get out of the car, chat — presumably about which ferry they should put the 348 on — and then go on their merry way in separate cars. The best part is that the guy who gets into the 348 doesn't realize it has a dogleg transmission. If only he had stepped on the gas a little harder and backed into the car behind him before realizing, they wouldn't have gotten away.


That would have made for one hell of a video. For now, if you see a 348 somewhere in the Netherlands that looks like this and is driven by some burly men, maybe call it in to the local authorities.

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