They're The World's Most Expensive Cars- Let's SMASH 'EM UP!

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The Kenner SSP (Super Sonic Power) toy cars of the Early Malaise Era were pretty cool, but they got orders of magnitude better when parts flew off during crashes!


WRAM! Any impact to the bumper would send doors, hood, trunklid, and wheels flying (usually where you'd never find them). You could get several different types, including Buggem (a VW Beetle), Tough Tom (pickup truck), Boss Henry, and Blast-Em; the Classy Crashers luxury cars (featuring the Luxury Limo and Sedan Royale) made the scene a bit later, during the Watergate hearings if I recall correctly. I was hopelessly hooked on these things as a kid, and now Crash Week is giving me flashbacks!


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Prawo Jazdy and The Velocity Trumpets

I can't find them anywhere on the internet, but, does anyone remember the Matchbox cars that when hit, a spring loaded panel would rotate to reveal damage?

It might have been Hotwheels. I remember having one or two when I was very young.