They're Building A Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Because Of Course

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The Lamborghini Veneno is so obscenely wonderful, people pretend to sell them. It's so outrageously intoxicating, just as an idea, that the first buyers bought their car sight unseen. And now a roadster is coming.


In a casual chat over a grilled lunch prepared by celeb chef Michael Voltaggio at Lamborghini's hillside Pebble Beach compound this weekend, American COO Michael Lock confirmed what their CEO had alluded to earlier: they're going to build a roadster version.

Why? The original version was sold at the $4 million price partially on the back of its own exclusivity and building a car that exclusive is bound to upset those left out. However, just building more undermines the exclusivity you just sold. The solution is a $4.4 million roadster, which I heard may be slightly less exclusive (think half a dozen-ish to nine cars, that area).

Having sat in the Veneno for the first time I have to say that, if I wasn't sold on the crazy ass car, I am now. Also, I was sold on it before. Just look at it. Every detail is interesting and I hope one day we get to drive one.

Photo Credit: Guillaume P. Boppe


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