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They Wanna F**k My Car, A Music Video

Straight from the West Coast, The Scrayper Boyz bring us on an intellectual journey through the world of highly innovative automobile customization. Or a dirty donk rap video. You be the judge. NSFW.

Just like Momma always used to say, "These hoes wanna fuck my car." We wonder if they meant it literally.

Catch the exclusive cameo from DJ Microsoft Sam. Hype Williams, you better watch your back.



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Spencer Williams

So, from a production standpoint, it does leave some to be desired. But hey, we're talking about cellphone cams and teens, what do you want?

I like it. This is Oakland. I like whistle and snap hyphy beats. And yes, black people headbang here. It's called going dumb.

People say it's bigger in New Orleans, but the product-wrapped car fits in just fine here in the Bay, where as E-40 once said, we put speakers in the car grills of old school Oldsmobiles.

And hey, these are young guys. Anyone doing anything positive in East Oakland should be applauded. It's as cold as the D over there; if Hawaiian Punch cars help them keep peace, I'm all for it.

The lambo doors and the Chuck Woodson #24 do crack me up though.

For a better example of a bay hyphy car jam, try "Scraper to a Benz" by the Federation. You don't know about me!