The first official photos of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class hit the web this morning, and guess what? It's really nice! Were you expecting something different?

Probably not, because it feels like the design of Mercedes' flagship sedan has been around quite a while, having been spotted everywhere with camo on it, or featured in magazine exclusives, or in the leaked brochure that showed up online recently.

But hey, it looks pretty sharp, and while the design is nothing revolutionary it's quite an enhancement over the outgoing S-Class that debuted way back in 2005. The new car is very much in line with the styling we've seen on the new E-Class, so it's conservative but modern.

Maybe some would call that "dull" when compared to the stuff Audi has been putting out lately, but it's perfect for German captains of industry, whether they're getting chauffeured around or climbing behind that wood-covered wheel and taking in all the fancy digital displays.


If it's anything like the current S-Class, which starts around $93,000, we Americans can expect a range of engines that includes a diesel V6, a hybrid V8 and a host of non-hybrid V8s. Expect full details to come out later this week.