If you owned any one of these pairs of complimentary cars, all of your vehicular needs would be met.

10.) Subaru BRZ/WRX


Lets say you want a fun car that costs under $30k, and has a Subaru badge, but you don't know if you want a tossable sport coupe, or a sedan with rally car grip. This is a real problem for many, so Subaru really should think about selling their performance cars as a set.

Maybe they could do buy one get the other half off?

Suggested By: Bruce McDolan, Photo Credit: Subaru

9.) Porsche 911/Cayenne

The Cayenne (and its little brother, the Macan) used to get a bad rap for ruining the purity of the Porsche brand or whatever, but look at it this way โ€“ you can a Porsche for all of your sports car needs and another Porsche for whatever else you need.

It can be any combination of sports car/suv you want too. Cayman GT4 and Cayenne GTS? Excellent. 993 Turbo and Macan Turbo? Sure thing. Used first-gen Cayenne and 924? Great budget option! Endless possibilities.


Suggested By: ncnorm3, Photo Credit: Porsche

8.) Alfa Romeo 4C/Jeep Wrangler


It's amazing these two vehicles come from the same company, because they occupy two extreme ends of the automotive spectrum. One is a lightweight mini-exotic, and the other is one of the most capable off roaders you can buy from the factory, but that's what makes them so great in tandem.

Suggested By: reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear., Photo Credit: Alfa Romeo/Jeep


7.) Lamborghini Countach/LM002


If you're not concerned with things like reliability or fuel consumption, there really isn't a better combination than Lamborghini's 1980s pair. The two cars shared a V12, but they cover the practicality to fun spectrum very well.

A coke dealers delight!

Suggested By: Falken12, Photo Credit: Lamborghini

6.) Dodge Viper/Toyota Prius


For the troll who needs a practical, efficient car for the weekdays and an insane V10 sports car for the weekends.

A great way to piss off Viper and Prius owners!

Suggested By: Altoclefchris, Photo Credit: Dodge/Toyota

5.) Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter/300SLR


To transport their incredible 1950s race cars, Mercedes built the Renntransporter, a flat bed made up of parts from the 190SL and the 300SL. If you're lucky/wealthy enough to own a 300SLR, you're gonna need the Renntransporter.

Suggested By: JayHova, Photo Credit: Daimler AG

4.) BMW i3/M3


There's a lot of interesting combinations of eco-friendly car, sports car to be had, but one of the most interesting is this paring from BMW. The i3 is great around town and for short trips, and the M3 has range and incredible speed.

Pretty amazing that these two come from the same automaker.

Suggested By: responsible-alcoholic, Photo Credit: BMW

3.) Track Car/Full Sized Truck


Hey, your Lotus Elise/Spec Miata/LeMons Crapcan has to get to the track somehow. What better way than with a big, luxurious full-sized truck?

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: Stef Schrader

2.) Mazda Miata/Mercedes-Benz 300TD


The cheap car geek's wet dream: all the sport you need with the greatest car ever built, the Miata, and all the practicality and class you need with a brown, turbodiesel, manual wagon from Mercedes. Perfection

Suggested By: ghost650, Photo Credit: Mazda/Mercedes-Benz

1.) Icon Bronco/Singer 911


Unlike the last pair, this isn't exactly a budget friendly choice, but if money is no object this is is the only way to go. Both are the ultimate restomod vehicles that strike a perfect balance between vintage and modern, and with both, you've got all of your automotive needs covered.

If this is someone's actual two car garage, be very jealous.

Suggested By: west-coaster, Photo Credit: Icon/Singer

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Top Photo Credit: Porsche

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