There is nothing sadder on the road than a road rage fight, except when it’s a road rage fight between two slightly older guys pulled over on the side of a gray and drizzly New York City highway. That’s what makes it so excellent when two cops run up and end it with nothing but pure, competent justice.

Those two guys go from punchy to embarrassed in an instant.

The driver of the pickup was the instigator, according to the Youtube description of the person who apparently stopped on the side of the highway just to watch The Fights:

The pick up truck driver was the aggressor as he was cursing at the cabbie while driving down the BQE for some reason.. Pick up truck driver hit the brakes on the highway and existed the truck and started walking towards the can which had 2 passengers in it, as he was approaching the cab, cabbie decided to get out so he can take care of him, which was a bad decision... They fought for a while untill police from some distance away spotted what was happening and came running to them, both got arrested for blocking the Traffic on the highway and public disturbance ...

The two cops happened to be a few hundred feet away dealing with another incident when these two brawlers started the fisticuffs, so they ran over pretty quickly.