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The 2020 BMW M3 hasn’t made its official debut yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t mules of it running around before the big launch. One might have been spotted recently, testing on a mountain road in Spain.

Reader Jan glimpsed two camouflaged BMW test mules driving in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain, near Granada, not long ago. He said he guessed the cars were an M5 and M3, and that “the guys [driving] said yes,” but he’s not sure if there were kidding or not.


For what it’s worth, the mules look pretty M-y to us.

The supposed M3 has this cool thing going on where its kidney grilles extend past the bumper panel that’s meant to hold a license plate. This has me hoping the M3 won’t have the huge nostrils the X7's got.


The upcoming M3 has been confirmed to offer a manual option and is rumored to have a “pure” version that’ll produce 454 horsepower to the rear wheels. That’ll be the talked-about one, for sure.

I thought we just got a new M5 with the F90 generation and aren’t due for a another one yet, but this mule definitely looks like its wearing M5 wheels, M5 brakes and M5 tires (Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss). The new M5 will probably make, like, 650 horsepower or something insane like that.


Does it need all of that power? Absolutely not. But at least owners can tell their buddies they have it.


(h/t to Jan!)

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