These Guys Walked Away From This Massive Crash That Sent One Car Flying

Every so often you watch a crash and you wonder if you saw someone get seriously injured, or worse. This is, amazingly, miraculously, not one of those crashes. But holy crap that one car flew over 20 feet in the air.

Drivers Jorg Viebahn and Rosen Daskalov were headed for the finish line in the GT4 European Series race this weekend (a race I am sure you were all watching, of course) at the Red Bull Ring in Austria when they both smashed into the wall for this massive hit. It looks like Viebahn in the Aston tried to squeeze out Daskalov in the Sin R1 right after the last corner, and instead of grabbing the glory and coming out a racing hero, his Aston went sideways, punching both drivers a ticket to crashytown.


The R1 looked pretty beat up, but it’s the Aston that basically did a barrel roll, with bits of bodywork flying all over the place.

Somehow both drivers walked away from the crash. But, since you weren’t watching it live, you’ll never know if they did it in slow motion, smoking a cigarette, never looking behind them.

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