These Guys Threw Chainsaws At Police During A Car Chase In Georgia

In what sounds like a plot device from the 1970s Hannah Barbera cartoon Wacky Races, police are looking for two men who threw stolen chainsaws at police cars during a car chase in Duluth, Georgia.

The chainsaws (and a weedwhacker!) are part of a group of 19 items the two men allegedly took from a store during a smash-and-grab robbery, according to Houston's ABC 13. The report states 13 of the items have been recovered. The men apparently ditched the vehicle (when they ran out of garden tools to fling?) and have not been apprehended.


The only part of this absurdity that perhaps makes it less exciting than it could have been is that one seems able to safely assume that if the chainsaws were stolen merchandise, they probably weren't spinning at the time they were thrown.

Does anyone know how realistic actually harming police cars using inert chainsaws actually is? I'm guessing not very realistic.

Screengrab via ABC 13.

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