These Guys Landed A Cessna At One Of The Biggest Airports In The World

Chicago-O'Hare airport is one of the busiest in the entire world. A Cessna 172 is one of the smallest planes in the entire world. O'Hare is a place for enormous jumbo jets. A Cessna is a plane for smaller civil airports. These guys just landed a Cessna at O'Hare, and the resulting video is awesome.


You get a bit of a clue about just how nuts this is just 20 seconds into the video, when the air traffic controller first hears the pilot's intention to land at Chicago's biggest airport:


What follows is the ballsiest kind of "Affirmative, sir," that eight-year-old you only dreams of. The Air Traffic Controller is a bit bewildered, considering the insanity of this request, and if you consider how cool under fire these people are when planes are crashing, it's got to be something pretty unusual to throw them off like that.

The pokey little Cessna, which looks like this, informs ATC that yeah, they called ahead and everything, and O'Hare said it might be okay.

"Alright, what type of aircraft?" came the response from ATC, and the craziest night time urban landing is on. The passenger busts out the map and a flashlight, because no dammit, this ain't no fancy jet with radar and more than one engine and a reading light, so it's still got to be done with old school methods.

They're instructed to line up behind a big Boeing 747, and when the regional air traffic controller hands the Cessna off to the O'Hare tower, the tower cautions the little plane against wake turbulence coming off the 747, which is on a shortlist for contenders for Understatement of the Year.

When the plane finally gets down, it's surrounded by enormous passenger aircraft looming over it, and somehow the fact that it's on the ground at all is incredibly impressive.



This is the actual plane. It's also the current S model meaning it has a glass cockpit and is probably more sophisticated than some of the jets that American is flying into O'hare.