These Are The Worst G-Wagens At The Geneva Motor Show

If you think the worst European tuner cars were produced in the eighties, think again. Thanks to Brabus, Mansory and Hamann, the Geneva Motor Show had plenty of bizarre Mercedes G-Wagens proving the horror is far from being over. If we ever get to test drive one, we promise to wear gold chains.

Brabus 800


For most of us, the 544 horsepower G63 AMG would be crazy enough in standard form. But if you feel something is missing, there's always Brabus. They tune everything Mercedes makes (or made) from Smarts to Maybachs, and the G-Wagen is no exception. But instead of giving the bi-turbo V8 more horses, they play with the G65 and its 6.0-liter bi-turbo V12. The end result is 800 horsepower under a carbon fiber Kraftkuppel.

Mansory Gronos

800 horsepower from Brabus, right? How about 840 and lots of LEDs from Mansory? Offered for G63 AMG owners (soon to be followed by a kit for the G65), Mansory's V8 biturbo engine features new pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank, and new cylinder heads for ultimate power. That's all very nice, but why does it also has to have carbon fiber fenders and grills, Christmas lights around the sill and an interior made out of mean checkerboards?


Hamann Spyridon


As you already know, Hamann can do miracles to the new Range Rover. The same can be said about the G-Class. Thanks to the tuning, you get 702 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque from the AMG V12, or 610 hp and 645 ft-lb from the V8. What's more important though is on the outside. Fenders, spoilers and wheel arch-extensions made of carbon fiber and a matte black paint job? Check. Massive golden rims (different on both sides on the show car), mirror housings, air intakes, badges and triple side pipes? Check.


We can only hope that those LEDs can start a fire somehow...

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