These Are the Wildest Times Your Car Has Caught Air

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Photo: Elizabeth Werth

Keeping all four of your wheels on the ground while driving is so boring, so expected. These days, it’s all about getting wild, and getting wild means launching your car into the air like you’re one of those Duke boys. And we always want to hear more stories about y’all having fun.


Y’all have some pretty incredible tales to tell, and we’ve thrown together the best of them for your enjoyment. Should we add the disclaimer that you maybe shouldn’t try this at home?

Rally Dreams (fredzy)

This is incredible. I would not want to be the one behind the wheel of this mess by any means.

A How-To Guide (imperialist1960)

I mean... just in case you do want to try this at home.

Reality Check (Jalisurr)

It’s all a learning experience, isn’t it?


Firebird Wants to Fly (Rootzle2)

I don’t know how you didn’t need a change of pants afterward.


Launched ‘Er B’Gosh! (Turbineguy)

Good lord do I wish you had a video of this.


All For Running (Matt Brown)

I’m jealous. This looks like a hell of a lot of fun.


Dealership Drama (I like car’s Mk3 Golf is back down to 2 CELs)

Your brother sounds like an absolute demon.


Important Realizations (NOX)

I might just take this over winning the lottery, anyway.


Air and More (Pickup_man)

Sounds like he just got too in the zone to even notice.


Best Test Drive Ever (drdanteiii)

That’s one way to make a fan for life!

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Jeff Glucker

wait wait wait wait wait...

One of the things that I like to do for fun with my 1997 Pajero Evolution is compete in Time/Speed/Distance Rallies.

YO! That’s on my MUST OWN SOMEDAY list... I’m wildly jealous. Can you share any pics?