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If you think about it, it's pretty clear that they don't make supercars for the hardcore fanatics. What the companies responsible for creating our dreamcars have in mind today are Chinese millionaires, Russian playboys, and some emission, noise and pedestrian safety regulations. Maybe some retired dentists as well.


Also, they are quite aware that the more power they hand to their customers, the more likely they will end up on a tree, which is very bad for business. So hardworking engineers develop a wide range of clever driving aids, and hidden computers checking things we don't even understand while we roll in our outrageously-priced cars. Automatic transmissions make us faster and more fuel efficient, while heated seats are massaging our butts. It's all very nice. But what if you don't want to forget how to drive?

We already know that the best Lamborghini you can get today is also the cheapest one. Yes, I mean the rear-wheel drive 550-2 with the six-speed manual. Our love for the manual transmissions is endless, and so we already advised you to invest in the only current Ferrari with the traditional setup. Of course as long as you can have your 760 horsepower Pagani Zonda or a Venom GT with a six-speed, we should be just fine.


But when you want to have your car without any electronic safeguard, you have to look for something even more radical...

(Photo credit: Alexandre Prévot)

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